Project details

Project Details

This major re-working of a semi-industrial warehouse space involved lowering the existing basement area, including full Delta damp-proof membrane system and underfloor heating throughout. Design features included an internal floor/ceiling industrial strength skylight and polished screed floor finish. This, together with the re-claimed bespoke book cabinets created a fantastic retro-industrial office finish. Bespoke mosaic tiling throughout the new bathroom also enhanced the design feel of this area.

In the ground floor area, the large open space was separated by a new, glass topped, centred bedroom which led to a new bespoke re-claimed kitchen area and hardwood conservatory extension. The bedroom was finished in bespoke re-claimed parquet flooring. Throughout, both lighting and decoration reflected a retro industrial design.

  • Structural lowing of existing basement floor
  • Installation of Delta membrane waterproofing system (JK are approved Delta installers with 25 Guarantee available)
  • Installation of underfloor heating throughout basement area.
  • Bespoke industrial floor/ceiling glass
  • Construction of new centred ‘Glass-Top’ bedroom and new re-claimed style kitchen.
  • Construction of new hardwood conservatory.
  • Re-claimed parquet flooring
  • Bespoke book and art cabinets
  • Industrial style decoration throughout.

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